Isabel Torres de Noronha

Project Director/Interim CEO
InventAr, Estudos e Projectos Unip Lda

Bilateral Meetings

  • 10.00 a.m. - 13.00 p.m.
  • 14.00 p.m. - 17.00 p.m
DescriptionInventAr is a firm occupying a specialized niche of market within ocean and environmental decision-making processes by delivering analyses based on linking comparative policy analyses with the best available knowledge, governance, engineering, and knowledge within ocean, environmental and sustainable development domains. We address issues with a cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach. Our staff and collaborators are enabled with knowledge across social and natural disciplines while being highly specialized in a particular domain and to collaborate with the various types of ocean actors (private,  civil society and intergovernmental). We are experienced from local to global settings.
Domains of Expertise:
  1. Ocean, Environmental Governance and Policy: Policy and Governance Analyses, Advice, Integrated Planning, Management and Stakeholder Engagement;
  2. Environmental and Coastal Engineering: EIA/SEA
  3. Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation and air emission inventories
  4. Facts/Knowledge Production: facilitation and integration of cross-sectoral and across disciplines knowledge to deliver multidisciplinary knowledge translated according to the ocean actor/stakeholder
  5. Communication and Networks: facilitation of networks and multi-stakeholder dialogues, dialogue between research and decision-making communities
  6. Production of innovative and tailored solutions and methods to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Insights of our work within each domain:

1. Ocean Environmental and Public Policy Analysis and Governance:
  • International Ocean and Environmental Law, Policy and Governance
  • Integrated coastal and ocean management, policy and governance (EU and EU Regions, USA, UN, Portugal, Africa, Small Island Developing States)
  • Strategic Planning and Comparative Public Policy Analyses and Advice
  • Coastal and Ocean Adaptation to Climate Change
  • United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development and Ocean Policy Agenda Setting Processes
  • Subnational planning of integrated ocean policies with stakeholder engagement
  • Ecosystem based management systems and governance
  • Accreditation of entities for direct access to the UNFCCC Adaptation and Green Funds
  • International facilitation/coordination of policy dialogues (e.g. UN, UNESCO, Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries)

2. Impact Assessments

  •   Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Impact Assessment
  • Systems to support assessment: integrated water and air quality
  • Ecosystem Based Management Interpretation

3. Climate Change and Air pollutants

  • National Portuguese Methodology and National Air Emission Inventories (1994-2008) to be submitted to the UNFCCC and CLRTAP by Portugal
  •  Regional and local Air Emission Inventories and respective methodologies: Macao (China), Lisbon, Madeira, Sines.

4. Development of systems to support networking and knowledge sharing:

  • Multidisciplinary Synthesis and Translation of Ocean Knowledge as support to Ocean Actors
  •   Integration and synthesis of environmental-social-economic knowledge across-sectors 
  • Gap analysis and facilitation networks
  • Multidisciplinary integration, translation and transfer of technical knowledge according to the nature of the ocean actor(decision and policy-makers, business community)
  • Organization Building: Enhancing communication and networks amongt ocean actors
  • Future Ocean Alliance Project
Organization Type R&D Institution, Other, Company
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2003
CityLisboa1900-410, R. Sarmento Beires, 15-8esq Google map
Offer & Request

Ocean public policy and governance, climate change, integrated knowledge production via network

Identification and participation in public policy development and ocean governance (analysis, comparative analysis, advice and agenda setting) for the development of marine renewable energies public policy and governance processes within the setting of integrated coastal and ocean policy, law and management of cross-sectoral ocean affairs and resources. Facilitative networking for knowledge production and sharing.

Keywords: ocean governancepublic policy analisesagenda settingpolicy developmentinternational environmental law and policyinternational ocean law and policycoastal adaptation to climate changegovernance
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Mechanism for dialogue between industry and decision-makers for enhanced governance of this industry

Establishing a network for enhancing the dialogue between decision-making, industry and research : learning lessons, identifying gaps and synthesizing and sharing knowledge to enhance public policy and governance of marine renewables. Please, refer to the Future Ocean Alliance project at:

Keywords: governancepolicy developmentdecision-makingframeworknetworkknowledge synthesisco-operation mechanismintegrated policyocean policypolicy and lawenvironmentadaptationclimate changefacilitat
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