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DescriptionAnalysis of innovative concepts for wave energy converters
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INORE - symposium 2016 near Nantes

The International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE) is a non-profit association of postgraduate students and early stage researchers working in the areas of offshore wind, wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy conversion. Founded in 2007, our missions are the advancement of education and the proliferation of public knowledge on offshore renewable energy by providing networking activities and discussion forums, fostering international connections and collaborative research, interacting with experts and stakeholders, and sharing INORE members’ research with the community of end-users. We are a non-profit organisation registered in the UK, managed by an executive board consisting of voluntary members, elected annually. INORE activities are organized by the board members but are only made possible through the funding it receives from generous sponsors.

Today, INORE has more than 1500 members from over 75 countries, representing a network that spans a multitude of research fields, including technological, social, and environmental aspects. We are the definitive representative body of early stage researchers in offshore renewable energy. At the 2015 European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, over 35% of speakers were members of INORE.

The annual INORE symposium is our signature event; truly, without it, there would be no INORE. It is a 3- to 6-day long intensive convention in which about 70 members meet to explain their work, share ideas, hear from the foremost leaders in industry, research, and government, and participate in collaborative exercises. Because the symposium is small and includes social and recreational activities, the bonds formed between attendees are those of friends as well as colleagues.

At conferences, events and industry gatherings, where possible, INORE holds workshops to facilitate thoughtful discussion and networking. At EWTEC 2015 in Nantes, France, over 60 early stage researchers attended the INORE workshop, which consisted of an expert panel session, group discussions, and concluded with an evening of fun, food, and drinks at a local restaurant. In 2014, we organized events at GMREC in Seattle, OMAE in San Francisco, AWTEC in Tokyo, and ICOE in Halifax.

In order to make the network, the events and the symposia easily accessible to early career researchers, INORE has never charged membership dues or conference fees. We also have no standing source of public funds. Financial support for INORE events, its website, and its projects comes from the generous donations of sponsors at many different levels.

This year, we continue to pursue our missions with our perennial programs, such as the INORE Symposia, workshops, grants, and website, as well as with a new endeavour, OpenORE. We hope that our goals and pursuits align with those of your organization and that you will consider supporting us and sponsoring international world-class research in offshore renewable energy.

The 2016 Symposium in Europe will take place near Nantes, France, in May-June. In 2015, France has clearly shown its willingness to be at the forefront of the nascent Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) industry. The indisputable successes of the Thetis convention and the EWTEC conference in Nantes demonstrate the increasing interest of France in this emerging sector. The INORE symposium 2016 is the perfect instrument to keep that positive momentum. With the recently grid-connected SEM-REV test site facility, the well-known research centre of ECN alongside many other private and public institutions involved in the marine renewable energy sector (INNOSEA, Alstom, DCNS, STX, IRT Jules Verne, WAMEC, FEM, Mojo etc…), France and, in particular the Loire-Atlantique region, are already a world-class hub for the development of offshore renewables. Most recently, several relevant call for R&D and pilot-demonstration projects have been announced. Policy-makers, funding agencies, research institutes and industrials are more committed than ever to collaborate together and becoming a world leader of the offshore renewable market. There exist already 6 fixed offshore wind commercial farms, four pilot floating wind farms and two demonstration tidal projects in the pipeline. Around Nantes/Saint-Nazaire area, a unique concentration of research laboratories, test-site and industrial facilities specialized in offshore activities is present.

Our amazing activities simply could not happen without the support of our generous sponsors. All sponsors will have their logo featured on our website and in key promotional and marketing material for a one year period and at a level proportional to their giving. All sponsors will be delivered copies of the Symposia booklets and our end-of-the-year report. Also, all sponsors will be given access to INORE’s members through the website and will be provided with any necessary support in doing so.
Additionally, there exist a range of customized benefit packages which can be implemented according to the level of support, however, if you would like an alternative package or think of other ways you can assist INORE, such as in-kind donations or project ideas, we would love to hear from you! The list of our current sponsors can be seen here: http://inore.org/sponsor-us/

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